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On the thought of having own income

I've been not working for a decade (read: felt like a decade). Well, I mean, more than two years. And to be honest, I have mixed feelings when talking about it. I have no comparison of being a working mom and a stay-at-home-mom; because the only thing I can compare are being at work the whole day and being at home the whole day, and that doesn't include a factor of having a kid. And I believe that's the whole different comparison. And being unemployed in three different countries has been roller coaster journey/feeling for me, as a person/a mom, and I'm getting used of it.

For years, I had been an independent woman, with income. And I didn't learn how to "ask" for my monthly income from someone else - in this case is my husband. The first year of being married, I was still working with my own salary and I was contributing to the household. I was a bit lost when I had a void in my usual space for monthly supply, suddenly I had to 'ask' and re-calc…

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