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11 Things that Make My Toddler Cries

On behalf of my toddler, I am happy to announce these breaking news that make our life so colorful and full of laugh and tears (read: my toddler cries, I laugh). It's a worth writing list that someday it will be a funny reminder for us.

So, here it is: things that make my toddler cries

1. She wants to have a ponytail at 4am
This is the most recent thingy she came up with. She woke up in tears, although I usually ignore her, this time the cry is different. She was so hysterical and sad, so I woke up and asked her what is the matter. She tried to speak in between tears, her voice was shaking, "Iola wants ponytail. Mama, don't.. Don't.."
I pitied her at first. But with this explanation, I can't not laugh!

2. I take away a plate of chicken from her highchair, because it's supposed to be shared with the whole family
In fact, she didn't even touch the chicken. She just wanted it to be placed in front of her, meanwhile.. the whole family needed the chicken!


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